Month: August 2011

So Much for No Gut – Frozen Artichoke Pizza will now be sold at Supermarkets

Anyone living in New York City probably has a love/hate relationship with the absolutely orgasmic pizza from Artichoke Basille’s Pizza & Brewery. Love because, let’s face it, it’s probably the most delicious thing to have after a night of partying and is always worth the line that may even stretch to Nowhere (you know what […]

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Las Vegas is the Ultimate Glutton’s Paradise, Obviously

After 3 days and 3 nights in Vegas this past weekend, it’s pretty safe to say that my body hates me. I’ve also lost my voice and instead of it sounding sexy I sound like a man. But holy crap, was it fun. Needless to say, Sin City has plenty for the hedonist, but for […]

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I Survived Warrior Dash Tshirt and Medal

I Survived Warrior Dash and had a Damn Good Time Doing So

Let me tell you, Warrior Dash was not easy. Even the journey to Windham Mountain in upstate NY was riddled with difficulty, like our car breaking down 15 minutes from the race site (luckily we were saved by a friendly fellow Warrior Dash participant – thank you “Utica”). In the end, we made it to […]

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Filipino Food is Taking Over Manhattan, and It’s About Damn Time

As someone who grew up on my parents’ Filipino cooking, coming to Manhattan as a freshman at NYU and finding that I had limited choices for fulfilling my Filipino food craving was kind of disheartening. Cendrillon closed in my first year in the city, leaving places like Elvie’s Turo Turo and Pistahan, but those eventually closed a year or so […]

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Warrior Dash Logo

How to Train for Warrior Dash (sort of)

First off, apologies for the huge delay in posts. From all the packing, moving out of my St. Marks apartment (sadface), unpacking, and getting my life (aka stuff) back in order, I’ve just been too busy/lazy to update this. But now I’m temporarily back in my house in the dirty Jerz until I move back […]

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