Month: February 2013

Kuma Inn Pork Adobo Buns

Why the Village Voice’s Choice Eats is worth breaking my diet

First off, disclaimer: Anyone who reads my blog obviously knows I’m never actually on a “diet” of the conventional sort. Rather, I try to balance eating healthy and working out with eating like a total pig, trying to only eat like a total pig when the food is so good, it makes those calories worth […]

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The Best Comfort Food You Can Get Delivered from Seamless in NYC

Now I don’t know about you, but when I’m hiding out from a blizzard, there’s nothing I want more than some good, warm, comfort food, preferably delivered direct to my apartment through Seamless. So since I’m working from home, I’m using my lunch break to write this short guide up and hopefully help out anyone […]

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A Superbowl Feast Made Easy – A Plated Review

Last night went by many different names to different audiences – Superbowl XLVII, Harbaugh Bowl/HarBowl, Ad Bowl, and of course, Beyonce Bowl – but one thing that almost all Americans can agree on is that last night was America’s best excuse next to Thanksgiving for stuffing your face. While there’s many different ways to accomplish this, from enjoying an […]

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