Mexico Blvd. – Eating My Way through the WFC Food Truck Court, Part 2

With the food truck explosion that’s come to NYC has also come a wide variety of unique tacos: from Korean-fusion from Korilla BBQ to Southern barbeque and brisket varieties from Mexicue to Japanese-style from Domo Taco, you can find pretty much whatever your taste buds desire. But when I’m in the mood for that classic, Mexican taco, I pay a visit to Mexico Blvd. As their name suggests, the offerings from this food truck are meant to put you on a direct route to true Mexican flavors.

Lunch special from Mexico Blvd. - Fresh guacamole and chips and Bistec and Pastor tacos

You won’t find any Doritos locos here (as tasty as those guilt pleasures are). Instead, they offer 4 types of meats with everything from chile-marinated pork with pineapple (the pastor, my personal favorite) to a “drunken sauce” stewed steak (bistec) to chicken in a chipotle sauce (tinga) to adobo-marinated pork (adobo). And rather than the suspicious meat that comes from your local Chinese-owned Tex-Mex purveyor, Mexico Blvd. uses only organic meat, and the quality shows in the taste.

Mexico Blvd. proudly serves food made with fresh, quality ingredients

From these types of meats, you choose your vehicle: tacos, which are served with 2 corn tortillas from Tortilleria Nixtamal, whose fresh masa tortillas have been lauded in NYC, or the torta, a messy but delicious sandwich dressed with lettuce, tomato, avocado, onion, sour cream, and jalapenos. Mexico Blvd. also offers a $10 lunch special that gives you your choice of any torta with a drink or any 2 tacos with a drink and side of chips and their tasty, fresh guacamole. Their drink options have Mexican flair as well, as the truck offers Jarritos sodas and homemade “aguas frescas” in addition to standard water & soda. And if you do get water, you’ll be glad to know that if you order your food extra spicy, you get the larger sports bottle rather than the standard size Poland Spring to relieve the heat.

In addition to their meaty tacos and tortas, Mexico Blvd. also serves up vegetarian options like an avocado quesadilla and crispy flautas. I have yet to try these, but based on the quality of ingredients here, those are sure to be good choices as well.

Pastor Torta from Mexico Blvd.

For your next taco or torta fix, check out Mexico Blvd. at World Financial Center on Wednesdays, and follow them on Twitter for their daily schedule.