Ch-ch-ch-changes… No Gut Glutton is now Moderate Indulgence

Call it fulfilling my qualities as a Libra…

I’ve always sought balance in my life. Work hard, play hard. Scour deals to buy on the cheap but make those occasional big dollar shopping sprees. Stay in that European hostel to splurge on that luxe meal. Indeed nothing tells this story more than my relationship with food: eat everything in sight one day, work out and eat clean the next. I tried to document this particular part of my lifestyle in my first foray into blogging, which I dubbed No Gut Glutton. Quite frankly, I never fully liked the name (Foodie not Fatty, my first, more descriptive and tongue in cheek choice, happened to be taken). Secondly, I always found the concept a bit constraining, having to frame everything around the notion of gluttony or health.


I did, however, love the logo, to which I must give a big thank you to the ever-so-talented David Olmos, who turned a title, tagline, and my vague direction of “something with cake” into the cute and clever logo design above. But a nice logo alone couldn’t keep No Gut Glutton as a concept alive.

And so I’ve decided to switch focus, and to be honest, be a bit more selfish. I want to write about whatever I want. Use the free time that my job allows to funnel my creativity into something lasting and tangible across any subject I please. But ultimately I want to do more than just live my life and instead, document those moments and revelations to potentially provide a bit of enjoyment to the lives of others.

I’m so grateful that luck and hard work, especially that of my parents, has allowed it so that at 24 years old, I consider myself well traveled and well fed, as well as having a decent closet and some skills in the kitchen. And so, that’s what I plan to make this blog about. Food, travel, fashion, cooking, nightlife, museums, beaches, cities, laughter, life. Stories of my favorite meals and restaurants, photos of designer pieces I’m lusting with the sale items I actually buy, recipes for what I cook after the gym as well as what I cook when its too goddamn cold outside and I need something comforting and laden with butter, recaps of the races I’m running as part of the 9+1 marathon qualifying program… Truly anything I find fulfilling is fair game.

I am still proud of the content from No Gut Glutton, which is why you’ll notice that there are existing posts on this site that I imported prior to shutting the old site down. But in the near future, I’m hoping to expand beyond just food and deliver a whole product that’s even better.

I don’t expect every piece of content to be relevant to you and that’s where things get a bit selfish on my part, but I do hope that you, the reader, still find enough tidbits of usefulness, happiness, curiosities, what have you, that you stay along for the ride. And if you don’t, I’d love any feedback that will help me expand my own breadth of experiences to write about. I look forward to sharing this journey with you.