Friday Five: #SpringBreakForever

In case it hasn’t been clear by the amount I’ve been complaining, this snowy NYC winter has me down. I’ve been perpetually sick physically and am also just sick of climbing over/around ice and getting smacked in the face with snow. And so I’ve been longing for warm weather. While no trips have been booked just yet, I’m aching to get to somewhere with a beach and pretending I’m on spring break, which has resulted in me inadvertently eyeing bikinis, sandals, and other resort wear in my online shopping. While I haven’t purchased anything just yet, I wanted to highlight some of my favorite warm weather items for this week’s Friday Five.

Oh and before I forget, Happy Valentine’s Day ya’ll~ I probably could have made this Friday Five a bunch of pink and red and heart-shaped items, but you’ll be seeing enough of that today anyway.

1. Mikoh Barbados Bikini

Mikoh Barbados Bikini Top

2. Forever 21 Worldly Girl Corset Bikini

3. Ecote Devi Caged Sandal

Ecote Devi Caged Sandal

4. Acacia Swimwear Crochet Back Bikini

Acacia Swimwear Womens Crochet Back Halter Top

5. Nasty Gal Sweet Grapefruit Bag

Sweet Grapefruit Bag