Month: December 2015

Where to Eat Ramen in Tokyo, Kyoto, & Osaka | The Indulgent Travel Guide to Japan, Part 1

Let me just be outright in saying that I absolutely loved Japan. I take a big trip every October to celebrate my birthday (and more recently, my anniversary with the BF), which makes for a great excuse to really splurge and experience as much as possible in a given location. This year, we spent 2 weeks […]

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Red Velvet & Green Tea Cheesecake Cookies

Tis the season for holiday baking! The team at Fresh Direct was gracious enough to ask me to participate in their #FD12DaysofCookies campaign. Even though I don’t consider myself a baker, I wanted to come up with something really festive for my Christmas cookie entry, so I dreamed up these Red Velvet and Green Tea Cheesecake cookies. I attempted […]

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Cheesy Pesto Chicken Crescent Wreath with Roasted Cherry Tomatoes

Maybe it’s because I grew up making those Pilsbury break-and-bake holiday cookies, or maybe it’s just because I love carbs – whatever the reason, I always find myself reaching for Pilsbury’s buttery doughs when the holidays roll around. In recent years, I’ve upgraded from cookies to Crescent wreaths, which encase your desired fillings in flaky […]

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