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Sushi Nakazawa: Forever Dreaming of Sushi Thanks to An Unforgettable Omakase Meal

I first watched Jiro Dreams of Sushi about a year and a half ago as a random selection on Netflix. I had no expectations for the documentary, which profiles Jiro Ono, largely considered the top sushi master in the world. I figured, I love sushi and there seems to be critical acclaim, so why not […]

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Game Day Appetizers: Lean Turkey Buffalo Meatballs with Cool Ranch Doritos “Breadcrumbs”

In my personal opinion, Super Bowl Sunday is one of the greatest days invented by mankind. It pits the 2 greatest teams from my favorite sports league against each other, it let’s you stuff your face without feeling bad about it, and it drives companies and agencies to try to create the best commercials of […]

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Healthy Filipino Recipes: Garlic Fried Cauliflower “Rice” (Sinangag) with Chicken Tocino aka Tocilog

In case you couldn’t tell based on previous posts, I am Filipino and loooove Filipino food. It’s what I grew up on, and the marinated meats and sweet and savory flavor combos never fail to make me ¬†one happy camper. That said, the typically fatty meats, greasy sauces, and white rice don’t exactly make for […]

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