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DIY Blueprint Cleanse – Homemade Juice & Smoothie Cleanse

I had the absolute pleasure of having my wisdom teeth surgically removed on Friday night. Since I wouldn’t be able to eat solid foods and I was in enough pain as it is, I figured, why not inflict even more torture on myself by going on a juice cleanse! All joking aside, being forced to […]

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Healthy Tomato and Tri-Color Pepper Raw Tortilla Soup

I’m currently on an all liquid diet thanks to getting my wisdom teeth pulled on Friday night. While I probably could have just eaten ice cream while watching House of Cards all weekend, since I won’t be able to exercise while recovering from the surgery, I opted to go the healthy route by doing a […]

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Today I had juice for lunch (and breakfast and dinner…)

So I just started a 3 day combination juice/raw cleanse. Considering all the junk and alcohol I consume, I’ve always wanted to do a cleanse to detox my system (and maybe even shred a few pounds). Of course, the idea of a diet consisting of solely juice is kind of scary, especially for someone who […]

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