Ram-don aka Jjapaguri Recipe from the Oscar-winning movie Parasite


If you haven’t seen Parasite yet, then you’re not only missing out on the best movie of 2019, but the epic scene that resulted in this delicious instant noodle dish called RAM-DON! The actual Korean dish is called Jjapaguri (짜파구리) made from combining 2 popular instant noodles by the Korean brand Nongshim — Chapaghetti and Neoguri. But Parasite used this dish to evoke the juxtoposition of rich and poor by adding a high grade, expensive Hanwoo (like Korean wagyu beef) to a meager dish. You don’t have to spend $$$$ to make it at home though, as my recipe uses butter to create the luxury of expensive steak with cheaper cuts of beef.

Ram-don has quickly become one of my favorite noodle dishes thanks to the depth of flavors from the black bean, pork & vegetable jjajang sauce of the Chapaghetti and the spicy seafood flavors of the Neoguri, all with chewy noodles and tender beef! You can also substitute with other brands that sell similar products, as I did by using Paldo’s Jjajangmen instant noodles instead of Chapaghetti. That said, I’m basing the recipe on using Chapaghetti to stay true to the original. You’re welcome to adjust this to personal preferences though, like stir frying some veggies to add to the mix or topping it with an egg yolk or fried egg! Full ram-don recipe below.


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