Giovanni’s Shrimp Truck | Where to Eat in Oahu

Where to Eat in Oahu - Giovanni's Shrimp Truck - Shrimp Scampi and Hot and Spicy ShrimpWith two outposts in the North Shore, Giovanni’s Shrimp Truck is one of the most popular places to get Hawaiian style garlic shrimp. There are numerous trucks and restaurants that serve the dish, and we actually preferred Romy’s over Giovanni’s as the shrimp just had SO much more flavor. That said, we still really enjoyed our meal and the wait was half that of Romy’s, so if you’re short on time this is a better move. The garlic butter shrimp were really tasty.

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Helena’s Hawaiian Food | Where to Eat in Oahu

Where to Eat in Oahu - Helena's Hawaiian Food

A favorite with both locals and tourists alike, Helena’s Hawaiian Food serves up no-frills, local food that’s 20x better than the versions you’ll find at a paid luau. It’s served in small portions (as you can see in the photo at the beginning of this post) so you can try many items at once, and they also have set menus that make it easy to order a sampling of their best dishes.

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Thanksgiving Breakfast Stuffing with Baked Eggs and Bacon

Thanksgiving Breakfast Stuffing with Baked Eggs

Now that I’m in Hong Kong, this is my first year celebrating Thanksgiving without a turkey, but I’ll be damned if I let that prevent me from enjoying my absolute favorite side — stuffing. Croutons are legitimately my favorite snack (I eat them straight out of the bag like a raccoon), and stuffing is basically croutons soaked in chicken broth with crunchy vegetables in it, plus sage and other herbs that invoke the feeling of autumn in every bite. What’s not to love? So when I was doing some grocery shopping and stumbled upon a package of stuffing, I knew I had to make a batch and ended up turning it into this Thanksgiving Breakfast Stuffing with Baked Eggs. While they weren’t exactly leftovers for me, it’s an easy way to transform the leftovers you do have into breakfast the next morning.

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Bento by Bessou, Coney Shack & Baked Cheese Haus at Urbanspace’s Broadway Bites

This past weekend, Michelle and I had the chance to stop by Broadway Bites, Urbanspace’s seasonal outdoor market in Greeley Square. We were able to check out some new additions to the market and get our hands on the most popular foods they had to offer. First stop was Bento by Bessou, which offers Japanese comfort food with a modern touch. Their owner Maiko recommended the fried rice balls, which was a trio of chickpea curry, pulled pork and salmon, and the fried chicken bento.

Bento by Bessou Crispy Rice Balls

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Urbanspace’s Broadway Bites Fall 2017

Broadway Bites

One friend wants Japanese, one wants Chinese and the other wants Mexican. It’s a painful process having to choose sometimes, so make things easy and head to Broadway Bites! The outdoor market run by Urbanspace is back in full swing this season, eager to feed you with new and returning vendors (full list below!)

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Bacon Egg and Cheese Breakfast Paratha Taco

Bacon Egg And Cheese Breakfast Paratha Taco Yolk Drip

Today is officially my 28th birthday. It feels pretty weird considering I’ve just made a huge move to the other side of the world, and I’m separated from my family and most of my closest friends. Normally I’d plan a big trip out of the country followed by multiple celebrations for myself across my whole birthday month, but this time others are planning things for me and inviting their friends since I still don’t know too many folks here in Hong Kong. It’s actually a pretty welcome change from the hyper-planned and borderline stressful life I led in NYC.

Changing for the better is exactly what I wanted to make this move and my 28th year of existence about, which is why I started my birthday by cooking up this breakfast paratha taco and immediately sat down to write the recipe after I finished eating it. I had gotten into a poor habit of letting my NYC social life interfere with writing. Now that I have days to myself in Hong Kong, I’ll be cooking up a lot more recipes and posting them here, starting with this one.

Bacon Egg And Cheese Breakfast Paratha Taco

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Hiring an Intern!

I started Indulgent Eats purely for fun and primarily as a way to document all the great experiences I had living in NYC & traveling the world. I’ve done it all myself for 3+ years, but it’s finally time that I get some help!

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Get Ready for the 2017 National Fried Chicken Festival in New Orleans (Sponsored)

Willie Maes - Photo via Willie MaesThis post was created in partnership with New Orleans Tourism & Fried Chicken Festival. All opinions expressed in the post are my own and not those of New Orleans Tourism.

Are you drooling yet? Because I know I am. There’s something just SO crave-worthy about crispy, juicy fried chicken. Luckily for all of us fried chicken lovers, there’s a whole festival dedicated to it! The second annual National Fried Chicken Festival (FCF) presented by Raising Cane’s is happening this September 23 and 24 in New Orleans, and I am so looking forward to heading back to the Big Easy for it.

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Last time I was in D.C., I was in 8th grade on a school field trip, visiting all the national monuments to enhance our appreciation for the government. This time around, I could give less of a crap about those buildings and instead came to get out of NYC and eat great food, drink, and party. Daikaya ended up being the perfect choice to fulfill on all of these things, as the Japanese izakaya brought awesome and unique eats, a stellar whiskey and sake menu, and a party in the atmosphere and in our mouths. Continue Reading

Fuku Wall St.

Fuku is the fried chicken-focused outpost of David Chang’s Momofuku empire. What started with just spicy chicken sandwiches in the East Village has since expanded to the Financial District, bringing a bigger space and kitchen that’s allowed them to offer some unique and frankly better dining options. Continue Reading